The recent events

I know it’s been a long time since I posted, so this post will encompass a number of things…

pile of clothes

Well, today was the last day of baby shopping for us. We were fortunate enough that during Nicole’s baby shower, she only got one duplicate item. So, we packed up and went to Buy Buy Baby to finish up with what we needed. Nicole got a $100 gift card during her shower, and with the returned item it came to about $260. Not too bad, but I have no idea how much else we’ve spent! Not that it matters, all we care about is the health and safety of our coming children.

One thing for sure though, it is becoming more and more difficult for Nicole to travel. On Thursday we attended a friend’s wedding in Tacoma, and she had to stop at a gas station to use the restroom. Today at the store, in the span of about 1 1/2 hours she had to go four times! Aside from the bathroom Nicole has been having a lot of issues when it comes to sitting for long periods of time. Her hips will go numb, and she becomes very uncomfortable. Same thing at night. She has to get up very slowly and says it feels like her hips have to slide and shift back into place as she gets vertical! Doesn’t sound very comfortable to me either!

Last Sunday at our church, the congregation threw us and another couple an absolutely wonderful baby shower! We received several items off of our registry, but we received so many handmade items it was very special. Six quilts/blankets, two wonderfully knitted Afghans, several caps and many other items. One thing that I found to be especially cool was a set of what look like wooden building blocks, but are made of foam! Something that I am preparing myself for is the noise that will come with toddlers and young children and the effect it will have on my PTSD. I doubt that was a consideration when this person bought those blocks, but it will certainly be much easier on me instead of hearing real wood blocks crashing down on our hardwood floors!

Nicole’s parents have been planning on moving up here for a long time in advance of our babies coming, and they closed on a house a couple weeks ago, and will actually be here on Sunday! Brenda will be staying with us for a while before and after the twins arrive. This will be such an incredible help to Nicole, and can’t thank her folks enough for making the move. It will certainly be an adventure though, with Brenda having to help both the babies and myself. In essence, Nicole and Brenda will simply be working with three children 🙂

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