The Final Countdown

Well folks, it’s nearly here! I am proud to announce, for the first time, that Nicole will be going under the knife for a C-section on the 21st! Only six days and a wake-up. Hard to believe that this whole adventure began at the end of January, and now it’s time for them to come into the world!

A couple weeks ago we had gone in for another measurement ultrasound and it showed that Gavin is weighing in at around 5 1/2 pounds, and Evelyn is coming in somewhere in the low to mid 4 pound range. It’s hard for the ultrasound tech to get a good reading on Evelyn because her head is so low. Nicole says that sometimes when she’s sitting in certain positions, she can feel her head pressing in on her hip!

Nicole’s father Mark is still in the process of moving all of their stuff up here, but a week ago he made his last trip until the kiddos are born. He has been doing work on their new house out in Gold Bar, and has his work cut out form. That’s a good thing though as he wanted a little bit of a fixer-upper, so that he would have something to do.

Having both Mark and Brenda up here has been has been a huge help. They are both learning how to get me transferred in and out of bed, switching me from one vent to the other, and they’ve learned the techniques for suction. They’ve been a great help for Nicole as well, taking care of the small tasks that Nicole can no longer accomplish. I think that all three of us have yelled at Nicole at some point to stop bending over, stop vacuuming, your mom can get that, your dad can put that away, etc. She is getting a little stir crazy, but I think that once the babes arrive, she will be overjoyed, and most definitely have her hands full!

A month after the babes arrive it will be my 30th birthday. Nicole is setting up a little shindig for some close friends, so that will be nice. Also, my folks will be coming out to visit for a week, and my mother will be staying on for another week to help out Nicole and I. It’s great knowing how excited both our parents are, and how willing they are to help. We’re both lucky and blessed to have such caring and loving parents.

Nicole is having a heck of a time sleeping these days. Oftentimes we will be getting in bed around 10 o’clock, and it turns out that I’m the tired one! She can stay up till around two in the morning watching TV, and sometimes I just want to sleep. I guess in a way it’s a good thing, because our sleep schedules will be completely thrown off for a good while in just a week! As I said Nicole will stay up very late, but once our nurse arrives at seven she will move out to the living room, and sleep for another couple hours on the couch. Getting out of bed after a few hours of sleep is surprisingly painful for her. She likes sleeping on the couch in the morning because it’s not such a struggle, nor as painful.

This week we have two doctors appointments and then that’s it! We’re going to go see a movie on Friday, probably go get something to eat, and then at 530 in the morning on Monday, we report Swedish for all of Nicole’s pre-op stuff, and then probably sometime around 8 o’clock will be holding the dear little ones on our chests! Words cannot express how excited the both of us are.

I will do what I can to post pictures and a couple blurbs on what’s going on, but you’ll forgive me if I have other priorities 🙂 So the next time I will be writing, I will be a father! Keep us in your prayers, as Nicole will need them both because of her surgery, and becoming a new mother.

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