Open Mouth, Insert Foot


It is always been my experience that, when given the chance, a man will say something stupid at the wrong time, especially to his significant other. I know I’ve done it, and I know that when I have done it I get a very special glare from Nicole. I’m sure most men can relate. I will be honest though; since Nicole’s pregnancy I have heard some of the dumbest, rudest and most off-the-wall comments from women!

It is always been my stance that you NEVER assume a woman is pregnant. If you fall into that trap you are bound to get snared, and potentially lose a limb. My dad has told me a time however, that he helped a lady up some stairs with her groceries. When he arrived to her residence, the woman’s father came out and thanked him for his help. My dad said “anything I can do to help out a pregnant lady!” In an attempt to be chivalrous. This woman’s father however replied “ha, she’s not pregnant, she’s just fat!” Probably the only time in history where that assumption did not blow up in his face!

Nicole has been out shopping on multiple occasions and has had people say such things as “any day now?”, “You look full-term”, “I don’t know how your small frame can support two babies!” “I hope you don’t tip over!” And the like. ALL FROM WOMEN! I imagine women assume they have more leeway because they either have been or have the potential to be pregnant. It is funny in hindsight, but in the moment Nicole has said that she has just been bewildered by what people say to her.

Not to say that she doesn’t receive positive comments… She is after all a very beautiful woman!

So before you speak, try and think about how it will sound outside of your mouth. Sometimes things sound pretty good in your head, and not so much so afterwards. There is a saying that goes “there are two things you can’t take back: bullets out of your gun, and words out of your mouth.” I believe that very much. However, if it happens to you I’ll be more than happy to send you one of these!mouth-foot-certificate1

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