It’s about time!

Well folks, I’m finally doing it! Many of you have said that I should do some writing, and I finally agree with you. This is my first foray into writing on any real scale, and I hope to have some fun with it.

I know that a lot of you are on Facebook, and probably already saw this picture of Nicole, but it certainly bears reposting. This is Nicole at 25 1/2 weeks.


Hard to believe, but in just under three months she should be delivering! Absolutely mind blowing. Boxes from Amazon have been trickling in at a steady pace with all of our baby gear. Nicole is excited, as we just received our Bob stroller. After delivery, Nicole wants to get back into exercising and hopes to do some jogging with that stroller. For what it costs, I’ll make sure she does some running!

It’s been quite interesting opening all of these boxes and seeing everything that were getting. Baby seats, bouncing seats, toys, bassinets, pacifiers, burp cloths, and the list goes on. I’ve always wanted children, but seeing everything arriving certainly makes me take a step back. This is real now. I can only imagine what it’s like for an able-bodied father, but for me it seems absolutely daunting. I do the best they can to help talk Nicole through the instructions when it comes to putting stuff together, and remind her to put her feet up every now and then. And of course, it would just be me if I didn’t tease her once in a while! I couldn’t imagine more perfect woman to start a family with. Nicole has maternal instincts beyond just about anyone I’ve ever met. Long before we even talked about children, she had nursery storybooks, and a book entitled “Miss manners: A Guide to Rearing Perfect Children”. No kidding. I used to think she was nuts, but now I think she was on to something.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Nicole went out today and purchased three packs of newborn diapers, totaling 108 diapers (she’s literally telling me this as I’m writing it). She just got online and was looking at a site and realized that those 108 diapers won’t even last us one week! Crazy. In one of the books I read about twins, it said then in a two-year span, you will go through approximately 7000 diapers. That left me speechless! (After the kiddos come, I’m pretty sure I’m done buying gun stuff!)

Well there it is. My first post! I will make sure to pop in here as often as I can and post about our goings-on. And also, this (the blog) is all very new to me, so bear with me as the site may change!

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